Wikithon: BES 2016

Welcome to the BES annual meeting Wikithon!

The wikithon aims to get as many new pages and new authors on QED as possible! Feel free to write about anything computational or quantitative that may be useful for ecologists. Topics can be complex (e.g. building species distributions models in C) to simple (e.g. read in excel spreadsheets into R). They can be technical (e.g. providing detailed lines of code) or friendly (e.g. ten ways I cope when my code is running). They can be Herculean treatises consisting entirely of your own words or short and sweet consisting of just a series of useful links.

To get started please choose a topic from this list. When you choose a topic, please let others know you're working on it by putting your name next to its title. If you want to write a page on a different topic, then please add your topic to the list!

Feel free to work as individuals, pairs or as groups. Take plenty of breaks and don't forget to get yourself some lunch. We'll be on hand to help out if you have any questions or problems.


Thank you very much for attending our landmark workshop that will change ecological sciences and the world as we know it. With your help we can create a library unmatched by anything recent or ancient. We hope you've learned something, and perhaps, might have even enjoyed yourselves. But before you run off just yet, we would very much appreciate some feedback on the workshop and QED.

Please click this link that will direct you to a Google questionnaire. It is anonymous and should only take a few minutes.

(Photo credit: UNC Sea Grant College Program)
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