Google Search Tricks

Google Search Tricks

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Many people are not aware of Google's search operators. The purpose of this document is to list as many as I know and provide useful examples for using them. These operators are listed here.


Using the 'site:' operator allows you to limit your search to a single web page.

Example 1

I want to find an author on Google Scholar to see their citations but whenever I search I find too many other people of the same name.

'site: John Smith'

This will only return Google Scholar profiles of people called John Smith.

Example 2

I want to find non-copyrighted photos that I can put in my presentation. You can limit your search to websites that contain free to use images.

'site: pig'

Searching with this term and switching to the images will show only images on the wikicommons. You can use the Google Search Tools to then limit your image search further to images over a certain size or of a certain colour.

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