How to Contribute

How to Contribute

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Please create an account and/or sign in first.

if you already have a account


it is worth it and is free

To edit pages, you will first need to create a wikidot account. After you have an account you can then apply to join QED by messaging the system admin (dombennett). If you know the secret password, you can by-pass this last step and join QED automatically.

Editing and creating pages

To edit a page, click "Page options" at the top of the page, select "Edit page" and choose "Edit this page". To create a new page, click on the drop-down "Advanced" menu. There you will find a new page box. Enter a name of your new page preceded with 'wiki:'. e.g.


Both of these actions will then open up a dialog box where you can edit/create content using MediaWiki syntax.

MediaWiki syntax


MediaWiki is a mark-up language that encodes text and code to indicate how the text should look. You can simply write your document in plain text, but if you would like to insert headings, bullet list, code blocks and images you will need to look up MediaWiki syntax. For example, to create bold text you would type:

**this is bold text**

…. which produces:

this is bold text

Use the buttons above the dialogue buttons to insert code syntax with the need for looking them up. For a full list and set of examples of syntaxes available on Wikidot, visit their wiki syntax page. Also, you may find it useful looking up the sources of pages on this site, page options > view source.

During the writing of you document, you can preview the page to make sure your syntax is correct and there are no errors by clicking the "Preview button". Once completed you may provide a short description of what changes you have made (e.g. "Initial draft") in the description box. Although optional, for pages that are regularly edited providing a description can be helpful.

Creating internal links

To create internal links within the wiki site, always remeber to use the wiki: in the beginning of the link. For example, to link to this page use:

[[[wiki:how-to-contribute |this is the anchor text]]]

…. which produces:


Once saved, your page is then live. To help users find your page and the admin team to best curate the website it is a good idea to provide tags. These are short keywords that will then be associated with your page. To add tags, navigate to the very bottom of your page and click "Tag". This will open a box in which you can enter keywords separated by spaces.

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